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Jacalynn Willett

lululemon ambassador for 2017-2018

lululemon Ambassador

Jacalynn is proud to be a lululemon ambassador and exclusively wears lululemon athletic gear for all of her classes. She was chosen as an ambassador in 2017 and currently endorses lululemon apparel.  Check the lululemon website in Lynnfield, MA for upcoming events.  Jacalynn can be found there occasionally doing readings, hosting a yoga class or just hanging out.  


Listen to the sound of silence

The sounds you hear around you everyday can be complex, intense and distracting.  Did you know that you can use sound to heal from the stress that you receive on a daily basis?  Try my tuning fork therapy or gong therapy to help relax the mind and open the chakras to align you with peace and tranquility.


Quiet your mind

Quiet your mind and your heart will speak.  In this fast paced world of technology and instant gratification you need to find a way to quiet your mind and ease the frustration of constantly being overwhelmed.  Try one of my Private Healing sessions to help quiet your mind.